Googly Gumm Hai (2021) Hindi 720p HDRip Download

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Googly Gumm Hai 2021

Googly Gumm Hai Romance, Thriller | 77min | July 2, 2021 (India) 7.4
Director: Ajay K SaklaniWriter: Ajay K SaklaniStars: Raksha Kumawat, Mridul Raj Anand, Mohit MattooSummary: Googly, a carefree young woman and her lover, Shorya, take a romantic trip to Dharamshala. At the airport they are received by their tour-guide, Ranga, who appears to be somewhat disturbed upon hearing Googly's name. An incomprehensible sadness betrays Ranga's cool demeanor. Googly is awestruck by the beauty of sunset amidst the snow-capped mountains and is inspired to go hiking. Shorya, though initially reluctant, finally yields. They set out on their trek and the appalling beauty of the mountains overwhelms them. In a moment of romantic fervour, Shorya slips and falls off the cliff and gets stuck on a crest at the edge of a steep fall. Hereafter, the movie follows Googly and Ranga on their individual rescue missions-- Googly's to save Shorya and Ranga's to find Googly. And amidst all this, flitting on and off the screen, is a ghastly figure in the cave whom Shorya dismisses as a figment of his own imagination-a man who eerily whispers into the ears of an exhausted Shorya: "What's real and what's an illusion- how can you tell them apart?" —Ajay K Saklani


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Googly Gumm Hai (2021) Hindi 720p HDRip Download

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